Winter for Hospital Commission

As hospital commissioner, I will be someone who bridges Valley Med back to our communities-- not just a vote. I have spent my years pushing for our neighborhoods and ensuring they are supported. I am a pathfinder and solutions builder. Don’t take my word for it, view the endorsements from our region below. These were earned through the work I have put into building up our communities and pushing for policies that uplift them.

As a commissioner I want to advance more equitable, accessible, affordable healthcare. Valley Medical is one of our region’s leading medical institutions with excellent programs for our region’s patients. I will push where we can for better patient care, better working conditions for hospital staff, and more affordability from our tax-funded hospital system.

I have established a career of nearly a decade as a software engineer and technology consultant, with businesses ranging from startups to multinational companies. I have served as the president and founder of an LGBTQ pride organization, and I have joined more organizations where I commit myself to putting back into a community that invests so much into me. I volunteer, such as with Emergency Response Teams taking regular, formal training in CPR, AEDs, and more as a way to help peers during an emergency or disaster response; also with the Regional Homelessness Authority for their point-in-time count, and Renton Counts for the US Census, critical to ensuring resources and funding get back to our communities. I strongly believe in equity and inclusion and have advocated for issues including racial justice, LGBTQIA+ equality, and housing.

I have the career experience, community background, and connections you can count on for success at our hospital commission. Thank you for your support!

Org Endorsements

Community Endorsements

State of Washington
  • Lisa Wellman - State Senator
  • David Hackney - State Representative
  • Steve Bergquist - State Representative
  • Marcie Maxwell - Former State Representative
King County
  • Dave Upthegrove - King County Council
  • Chris Franco - Candidate for King County Council
  • Dr. Shukri Olow - Candidate for King County Council
  • Hamdi Mohamed - Candidate for Port of Seattle
  • Toshiko Hasegawa - Candidate for Port of Seattle
Community Leaders
  • Krystal Marx - Burien City Council
  • Krysta Strasbaugh - Renton Community Leader
Black Diamond
  • Kristiana de Leon - Black Diamond City Council
  • Joe Bento - Kent School District
  • Dawn Bennett - Candidate for Mayor of Kent
  • Dr. Avanti Bergquist - Renton School Board
  • Dr. Stefanie McIrvin - Renton School Board
  • Angelina Benedetti - Renton City Council
  • Kim-Khanh Van - Renton City Council
  • Ryan McIrvin - Renton City Council
  • Kevin Poole - Renton Inclusion Task Force
  • Dr. Linda Smith - Renton Inclusion Task Force
  • Charles Seil - Renton Planning Commission
  • David Fleetwood - Renton Planning Commission
  • Joe Todd - Candidate for Renton City Council
  • Kate Kruller - Tukwila City Council
  • Armen Papyan - Candidate for Tukwila City Council

Titles are for identification purposes only.

My Commitments to Community

Leadership / Service

  • President, Renton LGBTQIA+ Community (2019-Present)
  • Glass Leadership Institute, ADL (2021)
  • Volunteer, Count Us In, Regional Homelessness Authority (2020)
  • Volunteer, Renton Counts, US Census (2020)


  • Rising Star Award (2020) - League of Extraordinary Givers, Renton Regional Community Foundation